The First Poker School

Flagge von San Marino

Flagge von San Marino

How many people do you know that love waking up bright and early, going to school all day, maybe going to work, coming home and doing homework, just to do it all over again tomorrow? Oftentimes we do not go to school because it is our favorite hobby or most enjoyable thing to do. Instead, we go to learn, to grow our knowledge, to advance our potential career opportunities, and to overall better ourselves. Almost everybody has something they would rather be doing than going to school, but we go because we know we need to, after all, you could always drop out.

What if I told you that you could get the benefits of school without having to wake up early, without having to leave the comfort of your own bed, and without the possibility of flunking out? Did you know that you will soon have access to join a Poker School?

What exactly is a “poker school?” The concept is exactly as it sounds. Utilizing the advances in modern technology coupled with the use of the internet, you will have access to poker lessons with top poker professionals as coaches, courses for poker players at all stages, seminars that broaden your knowledge in a variety of areas, poker software, blogs, a library, and more!

Within the past decade, the game of poker has taken the world by storm! From tournaments and cash games where playing for thousands of dollars was something only the elite few did, today there are tournaments with over $65million dollar prize pools! In November of 2010, one fortunate individual will walk away from the World Series of Poker’s Main Event with almost $9million dollars! Poker isn’t just about playing for nickels and dimes anymore like we used to when we were children. Today’s poker is seen as a true full time profession, a way of life, a way of putting food on your family’s table.

As with any profession, if you want to advance your knowledge in the field, it takes both a lot of practice and also knowledge acquisition through studying lessons and going to class. Are you serious about improving your game as a poker player?

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