Sports Betting Strategies – Bet On The Underdog In Money Line Bets

Billardtisch und B?lle

Billardtisch und B?lle

There are many types of sports. It can be categories in many ways. For example team sport or individual sport. Then, it can be further be break down into scored game like basketball or non-point game like boxing or horse racing. Depending on the type of sport that you engaged your money with, one of the most common type of bet in a scored game is money line bets. For example football and baseball matches usually have money line bets.

So what it money line bet? It is actually one of bets that is easy to understand and bet on. For example in a basketball game, the odds given are Team A is – 120 while Team B is + 160. This means the Team A is the hot favorite and B is the underdog. If you bet on Team A, you need to bet $120 to win $100 and if betting on Team B means you just need to bet $100 to win $160. The odd roughly tells you the relative strength between the 2 teams.

Sounds simple for you? It is as easy as picking who will win the game and you need not care about the actual score. However, in reality, you always need to wager more money to win the same $100 if it is a hot favorite. So the trick here is to make sure you win at least 60% when betting on the underdog. Yes, bet on the underdog and not the favorite. This is because it generates more revenue for you.

So now, learn to pick out the underdog that can help you win lots of money by studying the teams and the game now!

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