Sports Betting Strategies – Basketball Players Position Can Determine The Game Results

Freunde Craps

Freunde Craps

Basketball betting is popular among many punters and fans. Many are content to just win a few bucks from the game while some treat basketball betting as a source of income. In order to be able to earn regularly from these wagers, you need more than just luck. It is not an easy task but it can be done if you follow a systematic approach. One of the keys to winning basketball bets is to analyze the shooting guards and centers.

Why we need to understand these two positions? The reason is very simple, the shooting guard takes care of scoring points while the center take care defending and getting rebound.

If the shooting guard is at the peak of his performance, then the team would have higher chance of winning. His shooting accuracy is high; hence his team will be able to score easier. So check out the statistics of the shooting guards, especially in playoffs where they played the same team over a few matches.

Next, the center is in charge of defense and getting rebound. If the center is performing, he will be about the get rebounds and score points too. Look at Kobe Bryant and Shaq O’Neil during their Lakers days, when LA Lakers was virtually unstoppable.

So when you are placing bets in basketball matches, look out for the combination of players which had major influence over the game. They can help you win your bet if you do your homework well. So start learning about the positions now!

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