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Flag of Hong Kong

Baseball was bountiful for Las Vegas bookmakers in the 2006 Major League season.

Now sports stores are looking to line coffers more during postseason play, which begins with two games Tuesday and continues with two more Wednesday.

The Big Apple has dual postseason interests, while the Golden State has three.

That means two of America’s most poulous locales — one on each coast — has a 5/8th investment in the playoffs.

“They’ll definitely be big interest,” said Las Vegas Hilton oddsmaker and SuperBook supervisor Jeff Sherman, listing the New York Yankees, Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padres as teams that draw the most bettors and backers.

“The Yankees are a huge public team and you’d pretty much have to give them an edge in the American League.

“Any of the four teams could come out of the National League, especially with (pitcher Pedro) Martinez out.

“The Mets are suspect without him.”

Palms book boss Richie Baccelieri, who thinks the National League is more balanced this season than last, doesn’t concur.

“The Mets have the best team, but they’re not dominant like St. Louis, which got beat by Houston, was,” he said.

“Martinez wasn’t dominant in the later part of the year.

“He didn’t do a lot lately.

“I don’t see much dropoff for the Mets.

“NL pitching overall isn’t as strong as it was.”

Last year, the Chicago White Sox went an unbelievable 12-1 in the postseason, sweeping the Astros in four.

Like Sherman, Baccelieri believes the Bronx Bombers are the cream of the American League crop and that Detroit was dumbfounded after the Tigers tanked the last few months, losing the Central Division title to Minnesota the last day of the season.

“They didn’t finish strong,” Sherman observed.

“The Tigers did all they could not to have to play the Yankees in Roundl 1 and still got ’em.”

“I don’t think you’ll see them lie down and die, though.”

“The way things turned out, the Twins were real good for us,” Baccelieri continued.

“All the division money was on the Tigers and White Sox.

“Nobody bet the Twins.”

The Hilton has liability on Detroit winning the pennant, the Palms on the Tigers capturing the World Series.

“We did good on props and season-win totals,” Sherman said.

“The only thing we lost was the home run championship.”

Philadelphia’s Ryan Howard won that title with 58 round-trippers.

Baccelieri opened the Tigers open at 75-1 and saw them plummet as the season progressed.

He’s not overly concerned, however.

“The Tigers are a big dog in the first round and a big dog in the second,” he said.

Las Vegas hosts a Los Angeles Triple A affiliate and used to bleed Dodger blue with Walt Alston and Tommy LaSorda; Sin City was considered little more than a Chavez Ravine annexation.

These days it’s a mixture of Dodger blue and Padre brown.

“We get both teams’ games on TV and there’s a lot of viewership for both,” Sherman said.

“Let’s just get both in.”

Baccelieri prefers San Diego and forsees a Mets-Padres NL pennant finale.

Sherman’s crystal ball is snowy, but doesn’t forecast a Big Apple Subway Series, which last happened in 2000, when the Yankees won in five.

“No, I don’t think so,” Sherman said.

“Yeah, why not?” Baccelieri countered.

“We have a prop on it.

“‘No’ is minus $4.00 and ‘Yes’ is plus $3.70.”

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