How to Build an Online Poker Bankroll

Spielkarten Tricks konzentriert

Spielkarten Tricks konzentriert

A common question amongst new poker players is “how do I start building a poker bankroll and where do I start?”

This question has a number of answers, and a lot of it depends on how good you are at online poker and how big your starting bankroll (the amount of money that you can deposit online) is.

For the most part, new players will not really have much money to deposit online. This isn’t a problem however! If you don’t have any more, you can sign up to poker sites for free and practice in the play money games and tournaments until you get better and learn the rules of the game.

With a bit more confidence and experience of the game, you can start entering freeroll tournaments at poker sites. Freerolls are multi-table tournaments with a real money prizepool that don’t cost anything to enter. Most freerolls have around 100 entrants with a total prizepool of $50 to $500 (usually $1000). Poker sites run freerolls numerous times each day, and some poker sites such as Carbon even have an exclusive$1,000 freeroll for new depositors and sign ups. This means that once you make an online deposit you will get free entry into special freerolls that give you a much better chance of making money because of the smaller fields and weaker competition.

From playing freerolls for a few weeks, you can end up making anywhere between $50 and $500 depending on how many games you play and how successfully you do in them.

In order to start playing real money games, I think you need to be patient and read up on enough poker strategy at sites such as and (for tournaments) so that you can play profitable rather than losing money in the long run.

Most poker sites offer cash game stakes starting from as little as $.01/$0.02. To play these games, you need a total bankroll of around $40. Let’s face it, this isn’t much for most people so you should be able to start playing these games. By sticking to strict bankroll management and only sitting down with a maximum of 5% of your total bankroll at a time, you can start trying to build a bankroll.

Another tip when you’re starting out is to take advantage of special poker room bonuses and offers. give players a free no-deposit $100 bankroll at a number of poker rooms just for signing up and taking part in their 10 minute quiz. This gives you a massive head start, however unfortunately there are strict criteria on how long you have to wait before withdrawing this money, plus you will be limited to which games you play. Most poker sites also give bonuses worth up to $11000 for new depositing players, so this is a great way to get started.

As you continue playing, you can begin moving up the stakes. Another great resource for improving your game is to buy professional poker ebooks and sign up to online poker training sites.

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